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I'm rsm on the guitar forums; just received my Gittler Classic yesterday, and I spent several hours with it last night.  Verdict: I dig it!  Very bright, but not icepicky, I dig bright, jangle and chime guitars so this is perfect.  Sounds great with my gear, makes my regular playing guitars seem dark and lifeless in comparison. The sound I'm getting is like nothing I've ever heard, this will be no problem cutting through the mix.

The craftsmanship is outstanding, like a finely crafted katana.

Playing: Awkward at first; I found a way to rest my right arm (I'm right handed) to allow my hand to float comfortably over the strings; left hand: takes some getting used to; I stopped thinking about it, and just played and my hands started to naturally adjust, I don't plan on getting a guard.

If you're worried about adjusting to playing it, don't be! After only a few hours, it feels natural and plays great IMO/IME and only expect that to get better.  After trying one of my main players to compare the tones, the neck felt big like a baseball bat compared to the Gittler!

I'm a very satisfied customer, and Gittler user.  Russ and everyone at Gittler are great to work with!

Well packed and arrived safe, even with a large dent in the out box: Here it is finally unwrapped and in the case:

DSC_0114 - Copy.JPG


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Hey rsm, Welcome to the Gittler Forum and the group of Gittler owners!!! Be sure to tell us how you like it how it sounds. Check out our new basses too!
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